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Mineral Resources


Analitica supply advanced equipment and innovative methodologies to perform in quick time mineralogical, chemical and petrological characterization of mineral resources, quality control of raw materials and environment control of asbestos and silica dust.

Analitica carry out mineralogical and chemical analyses on widely type of rocks and minerals: silicates, carbonates, sands, clays, sulphides, sulphates, oxides, aggregates, etc.

Analitica offers highly qualified technical and scientific competence to deal with problems concerning production, treatment and industrial application of raw materials and minerals.

In the field of
mining industry and production of raw materials Analitica performs X-ray diffraction analysis to test the presence of silica dust in outdoor and indoor sites. (UNICHIM 2398/2011).

For the oil industry we carry out mineralogical and crystallographic analyses to evaluate suitable parameters to characterize potential oil window of rocks and buried sediments.

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