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X-Ray Diffraction Silica Dust


Analitica implements mineralogical analysis by X-Ray Diffraction to identify and quantify silica dust crystalline (quartz and cristobalite) on filter media after outdoor and/or indoor environmental sampling.

International Agency for Research on Cancer (
IARC) has established silica crystalline dust has cancerous effects on human health. The Value Limite of Exposition (VLE) for the workers based on the Time Weighted Average (TWA) is 0.025 mg/m3 of fraction respirable of quartz or cristobalite.

The identification and quantification of the respirable fraction of silica crystalline dust is of primary importance in mining industry of silica minerals containing raw materials, cement and ceramics production, foundry, glass industry etc.

Analitica Laboratory has implemented calibration curves, based on Standard Reference Materials, able to quantify up to 0.005 mg of respirable crystalline quartz or cristobalite on each kind filter media (silver, PVC, MCE).

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